All progress, is good progress. This has been a hard realization for me since I like to do everything so quickly. I make a plan and short-term goals that I believe will take me to where I want to go, when they don’t happen I assume I am off track.

But patience is one of the best qualities you need to be success. One dictionary describes patience as “the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting in annoyance/ anger.” Does that not sound like a successful entrepreneur? Every single client we meet with, every single job we have, every single goal we don’t achieve is all progress and is all teaching us patience. Without knowing where we made mistakes, how can any of us move forward?

I realized that the plan I had when I left high school certainly wasn’t the right plan for me. The plan I had after leaving college certainly wasn’t the right plan for me. Plans change. That is something we cannot escape from, but we can learn from everything that happens to us. We can honestly evaluate ourselves and come to a better self-understanding in order to be the best business person we can be.


All Jobs Are Good Jobs

Have a job you can’t stand? Welcome to the club!

Majority of employees hate their job. Whether it’s a retail job or that “boring” office job, employees can’t wait to clock out for the day. In my opinion, all jobs are good jobs. Trust me, that was not how I always viewed the jobs I’ve had, but now as I’m trying to start my own business, I am beginning to appreciate every single job I’ve ever had. Working a job you absolutely hate but you stick it out builds character. It helps you truly learn endurance and how to problem solve for your life.

For instance, if you are stuck at a retail job working evenings and weekends and you don’t particularly enjoy the people you have to work with, you may dive into being a good sales person. You may start up conversations with your potential customers just to avoid talking to your fellow workers. Even if you can’t find a way to enjoy your work, you may think about what skills you may be learning on the job. You may surprise yourself with what skills you are doing that’s desirable to another employer or to become an entrepreneur!

In my case, I’ve worked retail for a long time. I left to work in the restaurant industry for a bit and had a few marketing contracts for smaller companies then went back to retail. All of the jobs I’ve had, I did not particularly love but they have taught me so many lessons and have helped me become to person I am today. Having this view point will help me as a future employer to relate to my employees and even help them get to where they want to be.


How well do you know yourself? What’s your best quality, what’s your worst? Today I asked myself those questions and it took me some time to find an answer. Becoming a business owner, especially when your doing it on your own, I have found that discovering yourself can be one of the best things you can do.

I’ve always been fascinated with sociology and why people do the things they do. From high school and into college, I’ve read books and taken sociology classes. I’ve looked into my personality, my fears, and why I do the things I do. But today I had to confront the downfalls of some of my best qualities and transform them into some of my most admirable qualities. For instance, I feel the need to be in control especially when it comes to my future. I need to plan out what’s going to happen six months from now on order to feel secure; however, when I don’t feel secure I quickly fall into panic. This is a good quality because it causes me to be driven and always make goals for myself. But it’s downfall is that I feel I NEED to be in control and when I’m not, panic sets in. As a young person trying to develop my own business I will face times when I won’t have any control at all and I have to be okay with that. I need to set goals and then some realistic secondary ones so I can better cope with situations that are out of my control. Analyzing this quality and many other qualities have allowed me to feel empowered and for me to draw out the qualities I inspire to have.

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What’s the value in Business Cards?

As a business person, you naturally would start to think about having a business card just off of the stereotype or what you assume is what you need to do. What is the purpose of a business card though?

When I began doing contract work as a social media coordinator and going to different corporate events, I received multiple business cards. Cards from people I just met and spoke to for five minutes and cards from vendors and people I would be corresponding with throughout my contract period. From these cards I was actually able to remember names and who and what these names do. If I need to connect with the yoga instructor I met a month ago, I could look through my business cards and get her name and contact information. In today’s society, with everyone on social media, after receiving a business card I naturally was able to connect them on LinkedIn which helps broaden my professional network. All of this, the exchanging of business cards, only helps your career and is a great way to network.

There is Value in Networking

Networking is probably one of the most rewarding things you could do as an entrepreneur or even for your career. Every person you meet, whether at an event or even at a job interview/career fair is a potential way to make your dreams come true.

For instance, today I went to an interview for a job I only saw as place for me to learn how to run a team of people and nothing more. But after meeting with the manager I realized there is so much more I can take from working at this company or even from meeting this person. The amount of knowledge he has for running a company, dealing with people and overcoming obstacles was awe-inspiring. The experiences and lessons that he has learned he kindly offered to share them with me which will help me with my dream of having my own marketing company. Whether or not I actually take the job, the hour I had speaking to this man was an eye opener and had value to me.

Every person you meet, treat them as a person who could potentially help you make your dream a real success. Never burn bridges and always look for the positive out of every interaction you have.


Now as I try to become an young entrepreneur I am realizing this sad reality: It is so easy to be afraid and it’s is even easier to give up. Fear is a basic human emotion that I never let get in my way before… But when I first started thinking about starting my own business it was the only emotion I had. I became afraid of what people might think, afraid that I may fail.

Fear is stupid. So are regrets.
– Marilyn Monroe

For a whole year, all of 2014, I thought about starting my own business. I never told a soul. I took a few classes early in the year and that’s when I started thinking about having my own business and providing a marketing service. Around May 2014 I got my taste at being my own boss when I was hired as a marketing contractor for a private yacht company. I was to run all social media and give monthly progress reports to the CEO and analyze any potential way to increase brand awareness among a certain group of consumers. I absolutely loved it. Networking, social communications, creating my own hours and the whole nine yards. Realizing this is when I told my best friend and my boyfriend my idea of starting my own marketing business and, to my surprise, they both loved the idea!

Since then I have learned to put fear in the back seat and trust myself to know that in order to make my dreams come true, it will be a tough journey. But without mistakes and failures how can anyone be truly successful?

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What is an Entrepreneur?

In order to be an entrepreneur you need to have an idea is what I’ve always been told. It needs to be not just an average idea, but a great one. Throughout my life I have had many different ideas from creating a new type beverage to finding out ways to help homeless people get the education and opportunities to get themselves off the streets. What I found out was all my so called “great” ideas were already being used by other people and companies. So how could I ever become my own boss and run a successful business without having a great idea?

In 2014, I started the Business Marketing college program and there I learned what it really meant to be an entrepreneur. You need to know how to network, market, and differentiate yourself from every other idea, place or service out there. You need to be willing to make mistakes, fail, and take constructive criticism in order to ever see success. Most importantly, you need to be confident in what your talents are. As a 20 year old female, still unsure of what I really wanted to do with my life, I thought I could never be successful as an entrepreneur. But the more I thought about being my own boss and doing something I really wanted to do, the more appealing it started to become to me. Within the past two years, I’ve had jobs where I felt I was unappreciated, not important to the company, and easily replaceable. I’ve worked for companies who would promise me full-time hours doing the position I applied for but ended up working a job I didn’t want or not enough hours I needed. I got tired of relying on a company who again and again proved unreliable. This was the push I needed to think about being an entrepreneur more seriously. But what would I do? The only job I’ve ever truly enjoyed doing was events and social media. I’ve worked for a very well-known company in Mississauga as a co-op student and I’ve never been more happy working in an office before. I’ve done social media contracts for a couple of business and loved every moment of it. Being able to communicate with people over the internet and convey to them what they wanted to hear all while benefiting a business was something of a talent for me. As a marketing student and someone with years of customer service experience, I could understand most target markets and be able to convey to them a product or service they would be interested in.

Now how could I make a living from doing this? Better yet, how could I start a business and become an entrepreneur based off of this “talent”? That is what this blog is all about, how I am going to be social and become my own boss!